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The Gladiator Drone E58 Wifi Camera Drone 4K Camera RC Quadcopter Drone

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The average drone costs $600. Ours is over 6X cheaper.

Meet The Gladiator Drone


Commercial drones have been around since 2010. Until now there were 2 kinds of drones. Cheap toy drones for children and expensive camera drones for professionals. But there was no affordable alternative for the amateur drone enthusiast.
The Gladiator Drone is the world's first affordable drone with high-end features. This drone has never before seen flying performance, build quality and battery life. The Gladiator Drone is made so that anybody can fly it. We focus on what other drone brands lack; creating durable drones with long flight times and great cameras at an affordable price.
Experience Superior Control
We have worked on new technology for 6 years to create the Gladiator Drone. Our team developed a unique and easy to use controller that gives the user an extremely smooth flying experience. The controller is so intuitive that anybody can fly it.
You can even mount your smartphone in the adjustable handles and monitor your flight with the included app, which also allows you to control the camera.
The Latest Tech At Your Fingertips
The Gladiator Drone features high-end technology that you would normally only see on professional drones like the DJI Phantom or the Parrot BeBop. It has automatic flight assistance, an auto-follow function, trajectory flight paths, and it can even do loops and spins!

No fuzz, just fun

You don’t need to have any experience or knowledge of drones to use the Gladiator Drone. It’s very easy to get started, even if you’ve never controlled a drone before. The Gladiator Drone is set up in less than 3 minutes and ready to fly right out of the box. Just install the smartphone application and it’s ready to go up in the air!


An Affordable high-end Drone

The price is what makes the Gladiator Drone really stand out. At a price that is 6X cheaper than similar drones, we are the first brand that offers a high-end drone at an affordable price. The reason why we can keep our prices so low? We don’t spend money on advertising. We prefer to let our customers do the talking for us.